After years of providing excellent service in freight transportation, delivery & logistics, we’ve decided that a short FAQ will be a great way to answer the most common questions that our customers might want to ask us:

Q: What is expediting?

A: Expediting is just another word for transporting time-sensitive freight or just-in-time shipments. Basically, that’s the same as the “freight transportation & shipping”.

Q: Why are the shipping rates so volatile?

A: While there are several factors that are causing it, the primary is the market demand. Traditionally from Dec through April for imports, especially from Asia to the U.S., it is called the “slow season” or the “dead season.” Because the retail market slows down after Christmas and companies just don’t have the need to transport as much of the freight as before the Xmas. However, from mid-January through early February there is an upsurge of cargo moving to beat the Chinese New Year deadline whereby factories all over China shut down for weeks. This usually keeps rates higher as there is always space problems for cargo getting on vessels. From May through November this would be the “peak season” where there is a big demand for cargo moving into the U.S., so the Carriers raise the rates during this period, with the GRI (general rate increase), and PSS (peak season surcharge).

The changes of the fuel’s cost are another one. It’s also sometimes called the Bunker Fuel factor. This is a floating surcharge that the Carrier’s can change when oil prices rise or fall. It is called the BAF.

Q: What are the regular methods of freight payment?

A: Most freight payments are done with a Company check. However, you can also pay by wire transfer or with a company’s credit card (subject to administrative fee). Payment is sent right around the time the freight is due to arrive, clear customs and be released.

Q: Are there any extra charges for the loading overtime?

A: We strongly advise you to have container transport cost by preparing to load your container in less than 2 hrs.

When the driver shows up to your site, the first 2 hours are included in your fees. We recommend staffing up and preparing in advance to load the container as quickly as possible to avoid overtime charges.

Q: Does size matter for air shipment?

A: Yes, air freight is based on both the actual weight and changeable weight of the cargo during the flight, and this brings some limits in.Yes, air freight is based on both the actual weight and changeable weight of the cargo during the flight, and this brings some limits in.

Q: What is the maximum size or weight?

A: This varies depending on the airline so please ask us.

As a rule of thumb, maximum normal cargo dimensions: 120x80x60in.

As the weight and size increase so will the cost. If your cargo is oversized or requires special handling, ask us about special rates.